• Mara Bush Camp Impressionen
  • Mara Bush Camp Impressionen
  • Mara Bush Camp Impressionen
  • Mara Bush Camp Impressionen
  • Mara Bush Camp Impressionen
  • Mara Bush Camp Impressionen
  • Mara Bush Camp Impressionen

Mara Bush Camp

Overall Rating
6.0 / 6

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  • Mara Bush Camp Impressionen
  • Mara Bush Camp Impressionen
  • Mara Bush Camp Impressionen
  • Mara Bush Camp Impressionen
Migration News

Mara map 10 09 2014

Handmade Jewelry from the Masai Mara

The "Eclastic" Jewelry arrived now at Mara Bush Camp

Schmuck aus der Masai Mara

New residents at Mara Bush Camp

New residents at Mara Bush Camp. A dwarf Mangoose family found a new home.

Mangusten im Mara Bush Camp


Welcome back from the Masai Mara


Welcome home - A great trip report from the Zanatta family

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Zanatta family for the nice email, as for the photos and we would like to share this report.

zanatta 2

Family Zanatta wrote:

After almost recovering from the first week of school, I finally have time to give you a feedback.
Where do I begin to describe our Kenya holiday?
My whole family says that these were the best holidays we have ever experienced.
We have already been to many places in the world, have already experienced some adventures or slept in luxury hotels, but this trip was the best.
This is certainly because everything was so perfectly planned and prepared for us. All the advice you gave us was from big value.
The itinerary for our first safari was fantastic. Everything worked: pick-up, Transfer, flights ... despite major fire.... simple, reliable and professional.

Gepard am AutoOur guide Wilson contributed a lot to the success of the safari. He brought us close to his Kenya and has responded to all requests, mostly before we could express them. He was also incredible with the children. We consider it a great gift that we got to know him.
For long transfers my children were singing Mighty Jungle ... and Wilson had returned the favour with a Kenyan song. Even our son dared to speak English, and the two have become close friends. We all have asked Wilson a lot of questions and he knew all the answers and had always something interesting to tell.

But this was not the only highlight. We were allowed to see so many things.... at first we just swallowed everything until we came back to the Mara Bush Camp and they told us how much luck we had. They had seen our photos and could not believe it.
Flamingos, monkeys, leopards on the roof, the Big Five, Leopard Hunting, lion eating, small migrations, a baby elephant – just unforgettable.
We had a delicious breakfast in the Masai Mara with crocodiles and hippos. At the end, farewell drinks with a very emotional speech by Wilson. One highlight after the other. The farewell was very hard for us and during the first days at the beach hotel we couldn't think of anything else.

Gepard am Autodach in der Masai Mara

The accommodations have fully met our expectations. At Flamingo Hill we received a very warm welcome. The tent, the food, the park had impressed us (since we did not yet know the Mara).
Then the long transfer to Masai Mara. It was another world for us. And then finally, the Mara Bush camp. Mr. Nowak, you should get a patent for this place. Incredible! One cannot properly describe the effect and the mood in the camp. But we have never lived in a place that is so calm and so beautiful. The staffs, the room steward all were friendly and helpful, always looking after the well-being of the children.
And the sounds of the night! If you weren't so tired from getting up early, you could listen to them all night.

zanatta 5

Wilson then helped us through the chaos at the airport.
Dear Sunworld team, this has certainly not been our last safari! We will come back and fly to the individual accommodations. We would like to thank you for all the time you spent to organize this holiday as we wanted it to be --- with your know-how about this country.
With best regards
Your family Zanatta